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Partner up with Make and grow faster than ever

Drive growth and scale your business by helping customers build and automate anything with Make.


Choose the partnership that's right for you

We offer five partnership programs to suit your needs. Find the best one for you and enjoy the benefits of partnering with Make.

Affiliate Partners
Agency partners
Co-selling Partners
Co-selling partners
Technology Partners
Technology partners
academic alliance
Academic alliance
Strategic Partners
Strategic partners

Agency partners

Automate businesses using the Make online platform. Help customers build and implement automation solutions, train their teams and support them along the way.

  • Join the partner community and unlock the benefits of our partner program
  • Get access to the valuable use-cases and other marketing resources
  • Earn affiliate commission by sharing your affiliate link
Agency Partners

Co-selling partners

Work with us to meet the needs of Enterprise customers. Help drive sales growth within your market by building automation solutions that transform businesses and industries for the better.

  • Get special support from sales and technical teams
  • Help businesses with state-of-the-art solutions
  • Access to valuable use-cases and official marketing resources
Co-selling Partners

Technology partners

Join our global family of 1,500+ apps and scale your integration offering to unprecedented heights on the spot.

  • Training, support and resources to grow your audience
  • Joint marketing activities, events and more
  • Tailor-made templates and exclusive partnership discounts
Technology Partners

Academic alliance

Bridge the gap between academia and industry by helping students build their automation skills and expand their professional opportunities early on.

  • Get a free Make license for your school, university or learning institution
  • Host guest lectures with us and introduce your students the world of automation
  • Access online training materials
Academic Alliance

Strategic partners

Are you a management consulting company or a Global System Integrator? Let’s work together to enable digital transformation and create custom solutions for leading enterprises around the world.

  • Add a new source of recurring revenue to your business
  • Get dedicated training from Make experts
  • Expand your development capacity with our visual programming language
Strategic Partnership

Looking for a partner to help you build solutions?

Explore our partner directory, and find the perfect partner to meet your needs. Our network of partners provides professional automation services to help customers across the world innovate and grow their businesses.

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